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What are Different Types of Paints made From?
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Brand                                 Artstares
Size                                         12 x 12 Inch
Color                                 Shadow5fly7409
Material                                 Canvas
Theme                                 Abstract
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 12 x 0.01 inches
Frame Material                 Wood

Product description

Size: 12 x 12 inches | Color: Shadow5fly7409
8 x 8 inches = 20x20cm
12 x 12 inches = 30x30 cm
16 x 16 inches = 40x40 cm
20 x 20 inches = 50x50 cm
24 x 24 inches = 60x60 cm
28 x 28 inch = 70x70 cm

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From oil to egg yolks
Same pigment, different binder.

Simply put, most paints are made by mixing dry paint pigments with a wet binder.

The difference between the type of paints, for example oil paint, acrylic paint or watercolor is simply due to the different type of binder used.

So the binder could be oil, acrylic polymer or even egg yolk and it is this, which gives each paint its characteristics ...

Pigments traditionally started out as dirt or rocks. Some of the older pigments are made from colored earth, such as yellow ocher and are called earth colors, they tend to be dull in color. Different oil colors have been created as new pigments and manufacturing methods have been developed. These modern pigments are brighter and more artificial.

Pigments can be divided into three fields:
Inorganic pigments: rocks, minerals or metals.

easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners on canvas

Organic pigments: substances that were once part of a living being, plants, bones, or synthetic treatment of plant materials.

Artificial Pigments - These are often derived from organic pigments that have been chemically altered. They can make paint more stable and consistent.

A word of warning about artificial pigments
For those starting to paint, I would not recommend using all artificial pigments as they can ruin a painting faster than help it. I always adhere to the practice of starting with the dullest, most natural colors and moving forward with the strongest and brightest colors.
This helps you think more tonally and will pay dividends in the long run. Think in small steps.

Here's a quick guide on how to choose a starter paint set and a free tutorial that uses just two colors.

What are oil paintings?
Oil paints are made from dried pigments ground together with an oil. Most commonly, cold-pressed linseed oil.

The smell of oil paint depends on the oil used: if the paint is ground in linseed oil, it will smell like linseed oil.

If the paint is ground in linseed oil, it will smell like linseed oil.
If the paint is ground in walnut oil, it will smell like walnut oil.
If the paint is ground in poppy oil, it will smell like poppy oil.
How do oil paints dry?
Oil paints dry by oxidation (when the paint comes into contact with air)

It is not the pigment that takes time to dry, but the oil. Because oil dries slowly, oil paints have a long "working time".

When oil oxidizes, it forms a solid film that binds dry pigments together, like baking a cake, the mixture starts out soft, "cooks" in air, and dries.

Oil paint can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to dry completely, depending on the thickness of the paint used.

What are acrylic paints?
Acrylic paints consist of pigments suspended in a binder in an acrylic polymer emulsion.

How do acrylic paints dry?
Since water is the vehicle for acrylic polymer emulsion, acrylic paint dries by evaporation.

Because water evaporates quickly, acrylics dry fast, therefore have a short "working time" (this may vary slightly, depending on the heat and humidity of the environment you are painting in)

So which paint will suit you best?

What is watercolor?
Watercolor paints are pigments that are held together by a water-soluble binder, along with additives and solvents.

In commercially manufactured watercolor paints, the binder is either natural gum arabic or synthetic glycol. This is what keeps the pigment in suspension. The binder also allows the pigment to adhere to the substrate (eg paper) once applied. Additives, such as plasticizers (eg, glycerin) and humectants (eg, honey or corn syrup) are mixed together to alter various characteristics of the watercolors, such as the viscosity and durability of the paint. Other additives include extenders and dispersants.
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How do watercolor paints dry?
By evaporation.

However, due to the nature and application of watercolors, a lot of water and a support that retains water is generally used, so the working time is longer than acrylics.

What is Egg Tempera?
Egg tempera is made up of egg yolk, powdered pigment, and distilled water. The egg yolk serves as a binder that holds the pigment together. The addition of water turns the paint into a usable pasty form. Manufactured egg tempera also includes gums that act as dispersants like salt, granulated particles that can be ground and crushed to make them smaller and smoother.

Pro Tip: To test the quality of a dry pigment, put a small amount in a glass jar, add water, stir, and leave for a few days. The solid particles of the dried pigment should float to the bottom leaving the water clear. If it is not clear, some type of dye has been added to enhance the color.

What are cakes?
Cakes are usually stick-shaped, similar to chalk.

A cake stick consists of pure powdered pigment and a binder, such as gum arabic, gum tragacanth, or methylcellulose. Pastels have a higher concentration of pigments than any other artistic medium (hence the rich, luminous colors that pastels can achieve). The powdered pigments used in pastels are similar to those found in oil paints.

Cakes can be hard or soft. Soft pastels have more pigment and less binder, so they are easier to blend and have brighter colors. Hard pastels have less pigment and more binder than soft pastels. Hard pastels can remain relatively sharp, making them ideal for pastel works of art that require precise detail.

Some color indicators of pigments:
There are some confusing aspects in pigment names, keep these points in mind:

Similar pigments are sold under different trade names.

For example, Winsor Blue from Winsor & Newton and Phthalo Blue from Liquitex are based on the same pigment: Phthalocyanine Blue.

Don't be fooled by Hue

Labeling paintings can get really confusing.

"Hue" in color mixing earth only means the color of a paint, meaning that yellow has an orange hue.

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