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“Through drawing things around them, children have a much better understanding of the World…”

Drawing a rose presents some challenges for beginners. In this step-by-step guide "How to draw a rose", we tried to make the process of drawing the flower of the rose easy enough to follow even for beginners, but not overly simplified.

Using simple initial shapes to draw a rose has been the traditional way of learning how to draw this beautiful flower. In our tutorial, we also used a grid frame to facilitate the first step of drawing the outlines of a rose to place on the canvas. Successfully learning how to draw a rose takes practice, patience, and a little information about the parts of this beautiful flower.


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Before we start drawing a rose, let's learn some useful facts about the parts of the rose that we will cover in our exercises.


The sepals are the leaf-like green covers that protect the rosebud before it blooms. When a flower opens, the sepals turn downward, and eventually the flower can hide them. Note that roses have 5 (five) sepals.



Before a rose opens, all the petals are hidden behind the sepals. A single rose flower can have 5 to 50 petals depending on a particular type. Most commonly, roses with multiple rows of petals have 3-5 petals per row.

Sheets and brochures

Roses do not have individual leaves that grow directly from the steam. The leaflets closest to the rosebud usually have 3 leaves, while the rest of the leaflets can consist of 5 or even 7 leaves closer to the base of the steam.


The hips serve as the basis for pink flowers. Sepals and petals adhere to it.


Now is the time to get your drawing paper and pencils to learn how to draw a rose.
* For best results, download and print our rose drawing step by step template (scroll down to the end of this post to download)

Step 1
Begin your drawing of the rose flower by making 3 general outlines: for the rosebud make a circle, for the hips and sepals make an oval, and for the steam draw a slightly curved double line along the central axis. Try drawing these lines with light pressure, as these are just your guidelines for the final drawing.

Don't try to make a perfect circle and oval in one sweep; two or more lines would be fine at this stage. Just stay within or near the dotted lines of the drawing grid.

Step 2
How to draw rose petals? Draw four (4) ovals starting from the bottom. Each oval will serve as a guide for one layer of petals. As in the previous step, apply light pencil pressure to these oval patterns.

Step 3
Start drawing rose petals starting from the top center. Make your lines darker this time. Add two petals for the second layer to the left and right of the center part.

Step 4
Add the third rose petal for the second layer. Draw a long horizontal petal around the guide line of the third layer. Then draw a petal higher. You are almost done with the third layer.

Step 5
Before we finish the third layer of rose petals, let's finish the second layer. Draw one more second layer petal in the middle and don't forget a couple of vertical lines there. Finally, add one more third layer petal on the right. Done!

Step 6
Start drawing a couple of large outer rose petals on the left side.

Step 7
Add one more outer petal to the right and don't forget to draw the round bottom of the rose.

Step 8
Remember those 3-leaf sepals and leaflets? Now is the time to draw them, but not in detail. From our point of view we can see only 4 sepals, so we need to draw only 4 because the fifth is behind the rosebud. Then draw the hip and steam for brochures.

Don't press too hard on the pencil when drawing sheets; later, you will need to draw "teeth" on the edges of the leaves if you want your rose to look more realistic.

Step 9
The final steps are always fun - your drawing comes to life! The thorns in the steam of roses are a kind of trademark of this beautiful flower. The sharp thorns and jagged edges of the rose leaves create an effective juxtaposition to the delicate beauty of the rose flower.

Step 10
Coloring is even more fun! Use whatever color you want: red, yellow, pink ... We will try to add a special tutorial on coloring later. Right now, the main goal is to learn the steps to draw a rose.

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Mediums:  Charcoal,  Graphite ,Pastel, Pencil, Gouache

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