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Contemporary Sketch of a girl 

Pencil shading techniques

Contemporary Sketch of a girl

 Mastering pencil shading techniques will only be achieved with regular practice. This is because different pencils create marks that are noticeably different from each other, which means understanding which pencil does what is extremely important.

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About this Pencil sketch

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Brand                                 Artstares
Size                                         12 x 12 Inch
Color                                 Shadow5fly7409
Material                                 Canvas
Theme                                 Abstract
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 12 x 0.01 inches
Frame Material                 Wood

My best advice for learning to shade is to go out and experiment with various pencils and explore different methods, in this article I will share my information to help clarify this learning process. My goal is to inspire you to try shading with intention and create drawings using a variety of shading techniques.

Do you need new tools? Here's a rundown of the best pencils out there. Plus, you can further expand your technical expertise with this guide to pencil drawing techniques.

Contemporary Sketch of a girl

Product description

Size: 12 x 12 inches | Color: Shadow5fly7409
8 x 8 inches = 20x20cm
12 x 12 inches = 30x30 cm
16 x 16 inches = 40x40 cm
20 x 20 inches = 50x50 cm
24 x 24 inches = 60x60 cm
28 x 28 inch = 70x70 cm

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What pencils should you use?

I used HB mechanical pencils for a long time when I switched my approach from digital art to traditional. However, once I started working with regular pencils, there was a distinct difference in execution that I couldn't produce with mechanical pencils alone. Since then I have discovered techniques on how to produce different textures, tones and results that I combine to create my pieces.

It wasn't just the different HB pencils that showed me the clear difference, like shading with a 4B versus a 4H. I learned that the tip of the pencil also gave very different results. For example, a more rounded tip gave a larger, smoother result and was more efficient to work with.

01. Choose your pencils carefully

I recommend having some solid pencils on hand that you can use in your work with full knowledge of the results they will produce. There is a noticeable difference when working with different pencils on the HB scale and how sharp or dull the tip is. Try and see how some produce a dark texture while others create consistent softness in the mid tone.

02. Create different types of shading

Each artist will find the shading method that best suits their needs and I usually use some when drawing. I mostly work with circles, but I have experimented with all of these methods and more to help me create my best results. Each method produces a different result and depending on the type of art you want to create, you will want to find which one is the best for you! Scratching and stippling often create an underlying presence of texture and roughness. Turning and using a mixing stump creates a clean, gradual smoothness.

Contemporary Sketch of a girl

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03. Know your values when shading

Take the time to understand how lighting works and the values it creates to shade properly. Do studies, find references and resources that provide this insight, and then apply that knowledge in your practice pieces. There's a range of value to work with, not just dark and light.

04. Practice helps provide knowledge

Now that I've been working with a handful of pencils with each drawing, I know when to switch to another to get a particular result. It is traditional and effective to start with a lighter H pencil and then gradually work darker on the B scale, to mark values and contrast.

05. Find out which shading techniques suit your style.

Here is an example of two different types of shading methods. The left half has a smoother realistic finish with gradations in the paper texture made using a circle method and a slow build-up of value. The right half was done mostly with shading and creates a bold, sharp finish.

Contemporary Sketch of a girl

Drawing: Charcoal, Graphite, Pastel, Pencil, Gouache on Paper.

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